Positive spin on blaster virus?

Positive spin on blaster virus?

Post by jack bell » Sun, 17 Aug 2003 23:24:43

I think there's actually a positive note to take from the blaster
virus. Despite the enormous potential damage that could have been
done, the author chose to make the virus do nothing but make an
incredibly powerful demonstration... that someone could run the
ultimate system-level commandshutdown on my computer. I don't know
what damage might have occurred from the denial of service attack (see

My point isn't to get into a discussion of what constitutes "damage"
but to say that I feel the greater evil is the flaw in the operating
system, not the recent perpetrator who could at first be regard as a
monster. If you think about it he or she proved to be quite the

Since I see in all computer problems potential usability fixes, I see
two usability flaws highlighted by the recent virus:
1) My longstanding concern that Windows' Task Manager/Processes list
(not the Apps list) display the Manufacturer and Program for every
process. This would let me kill processes that I don't believe I

2) The existence of the Windows Registry. No solution for this other
than competition and we know what's happened to that.