train via voice with olympus ds2000

train via voice with olympus ds2000

Post by mik » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 05:44:13

Someone help.
I've been lurking on the list for a long time but not active because I
wasn't ready to set up my stuff. But now I am and I've forgotten all
the stuff I've seen here on how to do it.

I have an Olympus ds2000 digital voice recorder and Via Voice. I was
going to set up the ds 2000 to work with my viavoice for OSX which I
have installed on my Mac but I read of all the complications in doing
that. So I bought another Via Voice, this time the Via Voice 10 for
use on my Dell Dimension 2000 PC.

I understand you have to train the via voice directly through the
voice recorder using a mic connected to the recorder.
But I also know that it is important to use a USB connection to make
via voice work ok.
Seems like the manual says to do it with a regular non usb connection.
Does that make sence? Can someone tell me how to do it with USB or
where to get the information? I am desperate. Email me at

Thanks, Mike


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does any one use IBM Via Voice. I have used it . It is not great. I
have heard that Dragon Naturally Speaking is better and that it is
best on a PC rather than a Mac. I Bought an Olympus digital voice
recorder (DS2000) which allows you to download voice recordings to the
computer as AIFF or DSS files. You are supposed to be able to then
convert these files to type the same way the via voice does for
speech. I read a review that said that it is much easier to do on a PC
rather than a Mac and better / easier to use Dragon Natrally speaking.
 Since I am a loyal Mac user this makes me sad. But I want this to
work and my wife has a pc (dell) so I am thinking of buying Dragon
systems if thats what it takes. Olympus packages Via Voice with  some
of their digital voice recorders. The technology should be the same
for any model as you basically use the DSS Player to download the
files to the computer and then the computer to transfer to the via
Can someone help me here? Neither IBM or Olympus know what to do. Has
anyone made this work? Can anyone tell me where to get information on
how to get the files into Via Voice? If you can help, also e-mail me


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