Need LP11/LPV11 connector pinout

Need LP11/LPV11 connector pinout

Post by Bob Hoffm » Sun, 02 Sep 1990 14:27:00

I am in the process of hooking a Data Products printer to an LSI-11
system with an LPV11 controller.  I need to make up a cable (equivalent
to DEC's p/n 70-11212-25) and find that I don't have the schematic for
the controller card or the cable.  Can someone on the net provide me
with a list of the pin assignments for the 40-pin Berg header on the

        Many thanks,


Bob Hoffman, N3CVL       {allegra, bellcore, cadre, idis, psuvax1}!pitt!hoffman


1. LPV11 > Centronics cable or pinouts needed.

I know that they are out there.  I need at least TWO

LPV11 to Centronics cables.

Specifically, I need to be able to connect a standard parallel printer,
such as an HP IIP or an Epson FX80 to my Q-Bus system.  I'd prefer the
actual cables themselves, but I can make them, if necessary.

Let me know!



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