DECwrite import/export conversion sw?

DECwrite import/export conversion sw?

Post by David Bu » Sat, 09 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Greetings. I have a DECstation 5000/20 running Ultrix. I have Xfig,
which is a nice image maker, certainly better than the "graphics"
features on DECwrite. I tried to import an image from Xfig to a
DECwrite document, but apparently, I have no conversion software
on my machine. The import window pops up with a blank Format
list box. My question is, where can I get software that will allow me
to import my Xfig document to a DECwrite document? All I need is
something that will handle any one of the following formats:

LaTex, PiCTex, IBMGL (or HPGL), Postscript, Encapsulated Postscript,
Textyl, TPIC, PIC, X11 bitmap, or GIF.

It would also be nice if this software allowed me to export in one
of these formats also. Thanks for your time!

David Bush


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   I have the latest version of DecWrite (running on Ultrix 4.3, and
VMS), and have 2 questions (my manual has been "borrowed"...):
1) To create an index for a document, it seems (from the help menu
associated with that function) that I have to enter manually every
word which I want to appear in the index. Is this right? Is there no
way to have it include everything in the index, and then I can erase
manually things which don't belong there (like "the", etc.)?
2) Is there any software for converting DecWrite documents to other
word processor formats (like WordPerfect, or Microsoft Word)? I have
the CDA converter kit installed; is that it, by any chance?

Mike Levin


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