Artificial intelligence (AI) has been solved

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been solved

Post by Arthur T. Murr » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 00:51:15

Quote:>> "AI has been solved"

> excerpt:

> Mind.Forth
> in Win32Forth for robots:

> A robot needs a mind, and a Mind needs a robot.
> Here is where the twain shall meet.

> ------------

> Comments - Looks like a lot of programming data
> just to get a conservo to tie his show right!

Any student or programmer interested in coding a new
species of AI Mind may create an AI Web page with the
source code of the main AI program loop based on the
highest-level top-down AI Mind modules described online at (q.v.):

Name           Description
-------------  -------------------------------------------
AI::Mind::     Perl implementation of main AI Mind module.
::Sensorium    Audition; other human/robot input senses.
::Emotion      Quasi-physiological influence upon thought.
::Think        Syntax and vocabulary of natural languages.
::Volition     Contemplative selection of motor options.
::Motorium     Robotic activation of motor initiatives. -- the AI textbook
that now replaces obsolete AI curricula (and at a much lower price :-)
will describe how Artificial Intelligence has been solved in three ways -- Concept-Fiber Theory of Mind; Mind-1.1 AI source code; and

AI4U: Mind-1.1 Programmer's Manual and textbook of artificial
which has the following positive and negative points.

+ It describes the rapidly evolving AI Minds on the Web.
- It quickly becomes obsolete as the AI hyper-evolves.
+ On-demand publishing (ODP) makes for quick updates.
- The Mentifex project is considered oddball on the 'Net.
+ You've got the first book about the first real AI Mind.
- There are other, better, more authoritative AI textbooks.
+ AI4U makes a good supplement for actually coding AI.
- Artificial intelligence is too hard to understand.
+ AI4U describes the AI while it is still easy to learn.
- "I would rather build robots than study AI programming."
+ If you want to build a smart robot, then AI4U is for you.
- "I'm only a high school student/teacher; what's the use?"
+ This book will challenge even the most gifted student.
- "I am not a programmer and so I can't code AI."
+ AI4U teaches you how to operate an AI, not just code it.
- "I just want to do Web design, not artificial intelligence."
+ AI4U provides an AI that you may install on your website.
- "I am more interested in neuroscience and/or psychology."
+ AI4U teaches a theory of how the brain works psychologically.

Once any individual starts an AI Web page for a given language,
it is to be expected that others will code and share improvements.

For an expert review of the Concept-Fiber Theory of Mind, see by Ben Goertzel, Ph.D.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) has an archive of
"Mind.Forth: thoughts on artificial intelligence and Forth" at by Dr. Paul Frenger.