CSEE&T 2002 Call for Participation (Conf on SE Education & Training)

CSEE&T 2002 Call for Participation (Conf on SE Education & Training)

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      15th Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training
                              CSEE&T 2002

  Feb 15-27 2002, Covington, Kentucky (accross the river from Cincinnati)



                 Early registration ends January 15th!

You are invited to attend CSEET 2002, the conference about all aspects of
software engineering education, training and professionalism. We have an
exciting schedule of keynote addresses, papers, panels, tutorials and

Please forward this to anybody you think would be interested.

Here are the highlights:


- Monday, Feb 25th: NANCY LEVESON (MIT): The Future of Software
  Engineering Education.

- Tues Feb 26th: ED YOURDON: Preparing Software Engineers for the 'Real

- Wed Feb 27th: F.C. KOHLI (Tata Consulting Services - Father of the
  Indian IT Revolution): Creating Software Engineers - a Systemic View


- Dennis J. Frailey (Raytheon Company and Southern Methodist University)
  and James Mason (Securities Industry Automation  Corporation): Using
  SWEBOK for Education Programs in Industry and Academia


- Panel 1 (Monday at 11 a.m.): Changing Conditions for Undergraduate
  Software Engineering Programs. Chair: Gregory W. Hislop (Drexel

- Panel 2 (Monday at 1:45 p.m.) The Canadian Experience in Licensure and
  Accreditation. Chair: Deborah Wolfe (Canadian Council of Professional

- Panel 3 (Tuesday at 1:45 p.m.): Software Engineering Masters Programs-
  Lessons Learned. Chair: Vladan Jovanovic (Georgia Southern University)

- Panel 4 (Wednesday at 1:15 p.m.): The Software Studio in Software
  Engineering Education. Chair: Sarah Kuhn (Dept of Regional Economic and
  Social Development U. Massachusetts Lowell)


- Tutorial 1: Introducing Software Economics within SWE Project Courses
  Presented by Daniel Port and Barry Boehm (both of the University of
  Southern California)

- Tutorial 2: Measuring, Changing, and Measuring Changes in:  Students'
  Attitudes Toward and Understanding of Software Engineering Process
  Presented by David Klappholz (Stevens Institute), Lawrence Bernstein
  (Stevens Institute), and Catherine Kelley (Fairleigh*inson

- Tutorial 3: Software Quality Across the Curriculum Presented by Massood
  Towhidnejad and Thomas B. Hilburn (both of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical

- Tutorial 4: Issues in Commercial Law of Interest to Software Engineering
  Educators. Presented by Cem Kaner (Florida Institute of Techhnology)


- Workshop 1: Developing Software Engineering Courses using Computing
  Curriculum 2001 (CC 2001)  Documentation Organized by J. Barrie Thompson
  and Helen M. Edwards (University of Sunderland, UK)

- Workshop 2: First Year Software Engineering Organized by Lynda Thomas
  and Mark Ratcliffe, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

- Workshop 3: Integrating Agile Practices into Software Engineering
  Courses. Organized by Laurie Williams, North Carolina State University),
  Michael Lutz (Rochester Institute of Technology), Greg Hislop (Drexel
  University), Michael McCracken (George Institute of Technology), Nancy
  Mead (Software Engineering Institute) and J. Fernando Naveda (Rochester
  Institute of Technology)


Paper session A (Monday at 11 a.m.): Programs Focusing on Learner Needs.

- Ahmed Seffah and Peter Grogono: Learner-Centered Software
  Engineering Education: From Resources to Skills and Pedagogical Patterns

- Wing Lam: Towards a Certification-Centred Software Engineering

- Kenneth L. Modesitt: International Software Engineering University
  Consortium (ISEUC): A Glimpse into the Future of University and
  Industry Collaboration

Paper session B (Monday at 3:15 p.m.): Teaching Software Design.

- Jocelyn Armarego: Advanced Software Design: A Case in Problem-based

- W. Michael McCracken: Models of Designing: Understanding Software
  Engineering Education from the Bottom Up

Paper session C (Monday at 4:30 p.m.): Graduate Education.

- J. Barrie Thompson and Colin J. Hardy: Use and Evaluation of SWEBOK
  by Postgraduate Students

- Sheryl L. Duggins and Barbara Bernal Thomas: Maturing the
  Curriculum for the Professional Software Engineer

Paper session D (Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.): Teaching Introductory Material.

- Lawrence Bernstein, David Klappholz and Catherine Kelley:  Eliminating
  the Aversion to Software Process in Computer Science Students and
  Measuring the Results

- Jennifer Bevan, Linda Werner, Charlier McDowell: Implementing Pair
  Programming in a Freshman Programming Class

- Mark Ratcliffe, Johhn Woodbury and Lynda Thomas: Improving
  Motivation and Performance Through Personal Development in Large
  Introductory Software Engineering Courses

Paper session E (Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.): Group Projects.

- Mark J. Sebern: The Software Development Laboratory: Incorporating
  Industrial Practice in an Academic Environment

- Mats Daniels, Xristine Faulkner and Ian Newman: Open Ended Group
  Projects, Motivating Students and Preparing them for the 'Real World'

- Annegret Goold and Peter Horan: Foundation Software Engineering
  Practices for Capstone Projects and Beyond

Paper session F (Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.): Experience Reports.

- Anuja Shukla and Laurie Williams: Adapting Extreme Programming For
  A Core Software Engineering Course

- Jane Huffman Hayes: Energizing Software Engineering Education
  through Real World Projects as Experimental Studies

- Joan Krone, David Juedes, and Meera Sitharam: Theory Meets
  Practice: Enriching the CS Curriculum through Industrial Case Studies

- Anne Fuller, Peter Croll, and Limei Di: A New Approach to Teaching
  Software Risk Management with Case Studies

Paper session G (Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.): Teaching about the SE Process.

- Michael Halling Wolfgang Zuser Monika K?hle Stefan Biffl: Teaching
  the Unified Process to Undergarduate Students

- David Umphress: Software Process as a Foundation for Teaching,
  Learning and Accrediting

- Martin Host: Introducing Empirical Software Engineering Methods in

Paper session H (Wednesday at 2:45 p.m.): Experience Reports.

- Rick Duley, S P Maj: Cutting Hacking : Breaking from Tradition

- M. Brian Blake and Todd Cornett: Teaching an Object-Oriented
  Software Development Lifecycle in Undergraduate Software Engineering

- Birgit Demuth, Mike Fischer and Heinrich Hussmann: Experience in
  Early and Late Software Engineering Projects Courses

Note: CSEE&T will be held immediately prior to SIGCSE, so you can easily
attend that conference too.

Timothy C. Lethbridge,                     Program Chair
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