CfP: Distibuted Object Security (DOCsec 2002) Workshop - Deadline: January 26 2002

CfP: Distibuted Object Security (DOCsec 2002) Workshop - Deadline: January 26 2002

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EXENDED DEADLINE  - January 26, 2002

Sixth Annual Distributed Objects and Components Security Workshop
March 18 through 21, 2002
Pier 5 Hotel at the Inner Harbor
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

For the complete Call for Presentations and instructions on how to
submit a proposal, see

The workshop, hosted by the Object Management Group and co-sponsored
by Promia, Inc. and the National Security Agency (NSA), will provide a
forum for discussing the issues associated with securing integrated
application systems.

Interested individuals or organizations are invited to submit via
email, a brief abstract by of the presentation/position they are
proposing for the Workshop .   The Workshop Program Committee is
seeking proposals on the following topics:

- Existing and emerging DOC application middleware
- DOC applications and secure online identity
- Emerging security technologies and specifications
- User Case Studies
- Vendor Case Studies
- Academic or industrial research
- Research into techniques and technologies for specifying and
verifying security
- Realization of security architectures
- Integration
- Security validation
- Security Systems Management

For additional details on the topics and instructions on how to submit
abstracts, refer to


1. 2002 IEEE International Workshop on Neural Networks for Signal Processing; Early Registration Deadline: July 31, 2002


2002 IEEE International Workshop on Neural Networks for Signal
September 4-6, 2002
Martigny, Valais, Switzerland
                               Early registration deadline: July 31,

The twelfth in a series of IEEE NNSP workshops will be held in Martigny,

Switzerland at the H?tel du Parc - Centre du Congres.

The workshop will feature a strong technical program complemented by a
series of exciting plenary talks, a special session on bioinformatics
and a tutorial on "Nonlinear Adaptive Filtering for MIMO Multi-Antenna
Wireless Communications" given by Prof. S.Y. Kung.

All will be included in the registration package as well as special
such as a banquet in an old monastery and reception at the Gianadda
Please refer to the workshop web site for more information
and note the early registration deadline of July 31, 2002.

Plenary Talks:

Faking unlabeled data for geometric regularization
    by Yoshua Bengio, University of Montreal, Canada

Occam's Razor and Infinite Models
    by Zoubin Ghahramani, University College London, UK

Hidden Markov models of proteins and DNA
    by Anders Krogh, Copenhagen University, Denmark

From Kalman to Particle Filtering for solving Signal Processing Problems

with Neural Networks
    by Mahesan Niranjan, Sheffield University, UK

2. Prodos init on the Mac

3. ISSRE 2002 Paper Deadline Apr 12, 2002

4. Dynamic Mapping Of Pci Memory into MMU page Tables

5. CFP: DIALM 2002: Extended deadline to May 12

6. stereograms

7. Extended CFP deadline: PROFES 2002 - August 12

8. Fatal Exception Error

9. 2nd CFP: BCS-FACS Formal Aspects of Security (FASec), Royal Holloway, UK, 19-20 December 2002

10. CFP "Mobile Ad Hoc Collaboration" Workshop at CHI 2002

11. Standard Container Library for Ada, CfP Ada-Europe'2002 workshop

12. CFP: AAAI/KDD/UAI-2002 Workshop - Real-Time Decision Support and Diagnosis