DLink Drivers for XP and 4x mode

DLink Drivers for XP and 4x mode

Post by Apri » Thu, 14 Aug 2003 09:57:43

Hi guys,

I've been having trouble with using 4x mode on my laptop using a dlink
wireless card and access point.  So, I emailed their techs to see if
they could come up with any solution for me.

Here's my original email:

============Begin of Original Message ============

I have the dwl 650+ wireless card and dwl 900ap+ with 128 bit wep and
both have the latest drivers and firmware.  I have 4x mode enabled on
the access point, and whenever i enable it on the wireless card, i get
horrible speed and performance.  Sometimes, the page won't load at all
and it will give me the Cannot find server error, especially if i'm
trying to access a secure site.  Actually, whenever I sign into a
secure sight, the page never loads.  Nor, can I send any email when I
have 4x mode enabled (but i can receive).  When I disable the option,
everything works fine.  So, how do i fix this problem?  Or are the
drivers just crippled in some way, and I cannot use 4x mode?  And, no,
I am not allowing Windows to configure the network properties.  I have
disabled the Wireless Zero Configuration service in XP and am using
the dlink utility.
============End of Original Message ============

Here's what they wrote back:

Operating System:  Windows XP Pro

Disable 4x mode. 4x mode may not work in every environment. It also
changes the fragmentation, which may be why you can't send email.

Thank you for networking with D-Link.

Anthony Talamantes
D-Link Technical Support Team

And, this is after they created drivers for the card that were
supposedly XP certified.  So, of course, extremeley pissed off, I

Yeah, thanks, I kind of figured that out when this first started
But, since there seems to be no real resolution, bottom line is: You
put out products that only kinda works or just don't know how to
Gotcha.  At this rate, you guys don't have to even create updates;
would just be useless because they don't work.

So, I guess if any of you have similar problems, you won't bother to
ask DLink about it because either their techs are clueless or they put
out products that don't really work as they're supposed to.  You can
really just use the 2.02 version which doesn't have the 4x mode

Hopefully, none of you have the same problems as I.  If anyone knows
more than DLink Support and can give me a hand, it would be much
appreciated.  :-) I'm open to suggestions.

But the real purpose of this post is to reveal what a great bastard
Dlink is cuz I'm still pissed off.  :-o  :-p

Well, thank you in advance for letting me rant and for any help you
guys can give!


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