DS3100 color video cable

DS3100 color video cable

Post by Steven P. Underwo » Sun, 02 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hello all:

I have a DS3100 with color frame buffer (CFB) that I received with a
mono monitor (VR260). I recently got 2 VR290's so I could use color.
However, the cables I have, do not work completely correctly with this
setup. I had the monitors working on a MVII, so I know the work OK.

1. What is the model number for the color cable I need here and does
anyone have one available?

2. I have two different color cables here already, 1 BCC03 and 3
BC18Z. Does anyone have a way to convert either of these cables to
make this work.

3. Does anyone have the pinout for the DS3100 video cable so I can try
to convert one of these cables myself?

Thanks in advance

Steven P. Underwood,DNRC


1. Extension cables for DS3100 monitor/keyboard/mouse cables

 I'd like to rearrange my DS3100 more conveniently, but I need longer
cables to do this. Are such available from anyone, either as such or
improvisable? The keyboard cable looks fairly simple, and the mouse
cable might be doable, but the video cable looks daunting.

 Any information would be appreciated; I'll post a summary if there's

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