Query: Loc'n of local chpt. ACM/SIGCHI?

Query: Loc'n of local chpt. ACM/SIGCHI?

Post by john bartol; excel; 421-43 » Sat, 13 Mar 1993 15:09:14

I have searched the telephone directory to no avail.
I have posted to comp.org.acm also to no avail.

To you I present the question:

   Is there a local chapter of the ACM/SIGCHI (Special Interest Group
                                               for Computer - Human Interaction)
      in the Lower Mainland?

As I read this newsgroup, feel free either to post the answer, or e-mail me

Thank you.

John Bartol.


1. CW: Prudential Fixed 154 BILLION LOC @ < $0.0015 Per LOC

In its 5-8 issue, Computerworld kicks off its Premier 100 IT Leaders section
with a profile of Irene Dec, Prudential's Y2K poobah, which includes the wild
claim that 154 BILLION lines of code were fixed as part of Prudential's $230
million dollar Y2K project.

Even assuming that every last penny was spent on code fixes (it was not - the
article notes that enough money was left over for a huge Y2K bureaucracy and to
ensure that Prudential's 21 mainframes, 4,000+ servers, 74,000+ PCs, 75 vendor
packages, and 202 models of voice and data communications equipment were also
Y2K compliant), this would mean that the cost to remediate a line of code at
Prudential was:

$230 Million / 154 Billion LOC = $0.00149 / LOC

In other words, this would mean that even a relatively entry level consultant
(company billing rate of $60 / Hour) would have to be capable of inspecting,
remediating, and implementing 300,000+ lines of code in an 8 hour day!

In an ironic twist, Ms. Dec notes that her dream job would be to teach math...

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