>>>>>>>> Help with SCA query

>>>>>>>> Help with SCA query

Post by Steve Simmo » Thu, 30 Jul 1992 22:07:46

Quote:> I'm having problems using SCA to determine if all of the procedures/functions declared in an Ada package
>  are called by a test driver. I can't use PCA to show complete coverage of the procedures in the package
>  because the package spec really consists of pragma interface's for an object file with external references.

SCA is a static analysis tool and tells you that this routine may be called. PCA is a dynamic analysis
tool that tells you if the routine was called.  They give you two different answers.

To use PCA, try one of the following:

        - compile the object file in question -DEBUG and use

        - if you can't compile the object file -DEBUG, then just use the following
        It diassembles the code and places breakpoints on all entries to the basic blocks.

Hey, I implemented some of those features in a previous life (about 5 years ago). ;-)

                                                Steve Simmons


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