EISA .cfg files

EISA .cfg files

Post by Rick Ralst » Mon, 05 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I have inherited a 486DX EISA tower computer, but have no EISA
configuration disk with which to install devices.  I was able to use
an ALR EISA configuration disk to start the EISA configuration
utility, but it never starts up because I don't have the !FTN4861.CFG
file that this motherboard is looking for.  The motherboard has no
labels except AMI and Intel... no manufacturer name, logo, nothing...
Does anyone out here have in their possesion either a group of *.cfg
files for EISA or know where I might look to find information
regarding this particular .cfg file.  If so, please email me at

for my purposes, UNIX, PROGRESS V6 & V7 character, etc for in-house

Thanks for any help that might be out there...


1. Searching for: EISA-CFG-file: !NVLA7FD.CFG

Hello Net Family,

there once was a running system but it was stroken by a lightning. It
came in via Modem and destroyed the mother board...

I have a real problem because it is the data base server! It has ISA,
EISA and PCI. So now I'm searching for a configuration file for the EISA

bus system. It's the config file for a net card from which I don't know
the constructor. Who could send me this file? The system askes for the
file "!NVLA7FD.CFG" (or the same in small letters).

It would be great if I could find it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Axel Zellner

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