Word Perfect 6.0 DOS Printer Drivers

Word Perfect 6.0 DOS Printer Drivers

Post by mike.echli » Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:00:00

> I need to find printer drivers (*.prs) for a Tandy printer,
> specifically,
> a DMP 136.  All I have right now is a small library of Alps drivers in
> a
> file called alps24.prs, which includes, of course, drivers for the
> Alps
> Allegro 24 printer.  I wish I knew where I got this driver in the
> first
> place, because now I need this Tandy driver.  Where can I find one?

Try the ibm graphics, it is 100% compatible.

1. help wanted: word perfect - printer trouble

The Problem:

  At SYSTEC we work with 'Word Perfect 6.0' in a company-
  computer-network. All documents are printed on a HP-Network-
  The hardware works very fine. The printed document is like
  the picture you can see on the screen, IF you type AND print
  the document on your lokal pc. Whenever you save the document
  on the network and print it on another computer the page for-
  mat is not the wanted. There are different margins although
  you saved the value with the document.

  What is the reason for this chaos-printing? (printer-fonts,
  drivers, system configuration, graphic format?)

  Which parameters can solve our problem?

Thanks for all kinds of useful hints!


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