PC Magazine article wanted

PC Magazine article wanted

Post by srghma » Fri, 29 May 1992 11:13:29

Can anyone help us? We would like to obtain a copy the article

    Exploring the EGA, part I, from PC Magazine, Vol 5 No 14, 1986

We have tried libraries all over New Zealand and Australia, and the British
Lending Library. None have this particular issue, although lots hold PC
Magazine. We have written to PC Magazine but got no reply.

  Mark Patterson
  David Robinson

  DSIR, New Zealand.


1. Great PC Magazine article

Look at


One of the best Y2K articles I have seen so far, I think. It focuses on
PCs, explaining the possible problems. Still blames most of the problem on
programmers, but mentions that dd/mm/yy is not just used by computers and
programmers, but by everyone.

And it even says that not all the problems will be on 1/1/2000, but that
the problems are already surfacing.

I guess denial has ended :-)

Rob van Stee

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