Hi-Res scanner (1000-2500dpi)

Hi-Res scanner (1000-2500dpi)

Post by Moonrise Programm » Sat, 08 Aug 1992 06:18:17

        Anyone know who would make such a beastie?  I need it to connect to
an 80486 PC, I would appreciate a manufacturer's name and phone number.


David Yu


1. Wanted -- Sources for GIF images, esp. Hi-Res (1024x768x256)

I just purchased a 386-33 system which includes a SONY 1304-HG monitor,
(capable of 1024x768x256 non-interlaced).  The video board is an Orchid
Pro-Designer II with 1 Mb.  I'm ready for Hi-Res! (I think).

Anyway, being a newcomer to the IBM-compatible world (believe it or not
there are still PC virgins out there - I hail from a VAX/VMS background),
I don't know where to find any nice image files to display on my system
at the full resolution of 1024x768x256.  Almost any subject matter is
desired, except for super hard-core adult pictures (tasteful soft-core may
be ok).  I'm mainly interested in public domain pictures, but leads on
vendors of reasonably-priced, high-quality pictures would also be appreciated.

Thanks for your help, Jon Noring

(p.s., of course, I'd also like to know how to display the GIF images
on my PC - any help or leads here would also be appreciated.)

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