VS2000 mouse / PC mouse??

VS2000 mouse / PC mouse??

Post by David G. North, C » Sun, 06 Sep 1992 08:42:33

I was going to post a long sad story about having to replace my VS2000 mouse
that went berzerk, but decided to keep it short instead.  The bad mouse used
a 'ball' to follow motion, and the one I replaced it with has 2 little rotating
feet that don't work very well off-axially.  So, I'd like to either fix the
first mouse, or replace it with a trackball.

1) Inside the first mouse is a Logitech chip # LGB540 and a Logitech mechanism.
   (Assumption... maybe other Logitech products would work?)
2) I did find a trackball, but the price was $200+ which I don't want to pay.
   (And that was the 'light-duty'... the 'good' one was $370 or something :{{ ).

Does anyone know if there's a "simple" way to take a mouse and/or trackball for
some sort of PC & replace the cable to fit the VS2000?  More specifically, are
there PC pointer devices out there that are signal-compatible with the VS2000?
(I could probably deal with the re-wiring if only it were that simple :{ )

Any help would be appreciated.
David G. North, CCP

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1. Changing a DEC Mouse into a PC serial mouse ?

Is it possible to change a strange-looking DEC Mouse into a mouse
working on a plain PC ? The mouse is *very* large (and very inconfortable
for people with normal hands, that's with they gave it to me ;-) ), it is
model number: VSXXX-AA.C03, it's written HAWLEY and Digital on it. It does
not works with a bowl but with two cylinders (bended on the X and on the Y).
The connector is a weird DIN-7 (at least there are 7 male pins), like this:
                           /  . .  \
                          ]         [<---small bend on each sides
                         | .  ===  . |
                         |     .     |   (plastic rectangle in the center)
                          \  .   .  /

I would like to know the signification of each pin (power, ground, etc...) if
anybody has it... Or would anybody know any DEC hardware "hacker" ?

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