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SPI NewsGroup

Post by L. Darrell Ra » Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:00:00

> It seems to many of us that there is a need for a newsgroup for software
> process improvements. The purpose of the newsgroup is to share information and
> knowledge-based opinions among the various stakeholders in the software process
> improvement community. This community includes software process improvement
> staff, software managers, quality assurance staff, software organization design
> specialists, metric analysts, reuse specialists, requirements analysts and
> others.

> By posting information about upcoming meetings or summaries from previous
> meetings, SPINs could use the newsgroups as a forum for increasing local
> membership and attendance. Software managers including project managers need a
> forum for discussing functional management and project management issues.
> Metrics, requirements analysts, quality assurance, and reuse practitioners will
> have a forum for discussing the specifics of their issues. Software
> organizational design specialists can bring an entirely new viewpoint, the
> integration of technical and social subsystems, to the improvement table.

> Newsgroup maturity is a key element of success. We want a forum that encourages
> free expression without the fear of being flamed. I am convinced that the
> software process improvement community can make the newsgroup a success. If the
> flames inhibit the  news group, moderated is always an option. The point is we
> need to gather together, people who has the knowledge, referent, and position
> power to make SPI work.

> I think that comp.software.measurement is a good place to start the newsgroup.
> It is a very, very low volume newsgroup and metrics, is a central element in
> the software process improvement process.

> However, I am unaware of newsgroup dynamics and do need to identify the proper
> procedures. For now, I encourage those who have the passion or want to
> communicate in a positive way to start posting to comp.software.measurement.

> I am e-mailing this post to the various SPINs and the SEI. Hopefully, we can
> put into place an infrastructure a world-wide audience for problem solving and
> information  sharing.

> Thank you,
> Randy Mathis

The problem is that comp.software.measurement is not a widely defined
group (I can get it at home but not work).  Was it "officially" voted as
a group?

Given what I think the expected traffic would be I think
misc.industry.quality with a pointer in the FAQ for comp.software-eng
and comp.software.testing would be better.  Another advanatage is that
we would also be involving people doing similar work in non-software
only environments who could give a different perspective on ideals and
who have solved similar problems (especially for the people related
ones) in the past.

L. Darrell Ray  
ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer
Dade Behring