Ph.D. Position in CSCW at University of Twente

Ph.D. Position in CSCW at University of Twente

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Ph.D. POSITION in Computer Supported Cooperative Work

The faculty of Computer Science of the University of Twente
in the Netherlands has a vacancy for a Ph.D. student in a
research project


Groupware systems provide a distributed infrastructure for the support
of cooperation among people in and across organizations, in which
the work procedures are not specified in advance. Groupware
implementation is an evolutionary process of mutual adaptation of work
practices and groupware systems. In this project, we investigate this
evolutionary process, the translation of this evolutionary process
into requirements on groupware systems, and the design of groupware
architectures that support this process.

The Ph.D. student will investigate requirements for groupware
systems as they can be derived from an empirical investigation
and analysis of patterns of cooperation in organizations. The
student will formulate guidelines for the translation of these
requirements into groupware architectures.

The student should have completed an academic education in which
design and application of information technology has played a central
role. Knowledge of design methods for information systems, such as
structured and object-oriented methods, is necessary. The student is
expected to catch up with the literature on requirements engineering
and software architectures, and to be able to do interdisciplinary
The research will be performed in close cooperation with a
Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Technology and Management,
who develops a model of evolutionary development of
organizational and technological factors.

The salary ranges from NLG 2895 (Euro 1311) gross per month in the
first year to NLG 3919 (Euro 1775) gross per month in the fourth
year. In addition, the University offers a package of facilities
from which the Ph.D. student can choose, including a laptop and
a contribution to the costs of visiting scientific conferences.
Ph.D. students from outside the Netherlands may get an initial
contract for six months, which can be extended for a total period
of four and a half years.

For more information, please contact

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