Looking for Student Computer Skills Test

Looking for Student Computer Skills Test

Post by Rusty Marti » Tue, 28 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I'm looking for a simple test to give me a sense of
a student's existing computer skills.  I want to know
how familiar they are with text editing, working on
a network, using the Internet, etc.

I'm thinking someone has already done this and would
appreciate a URL or a suggestion as to what would be
a better newsgroup for this question.


Rusty Martin


My initial effort:

Goal: Recruit computer proficient students with a test.

       Copy a file from a disk to a
          hard drive out of dos and windows.

        Compressing files
                copy a file that is 2 mg to a diskette drive

       Html:  Author two linked pages with an image
                and a email address.
                Write it with a text editor.  
                Give them a printout of the page
                 to be copied

        Word:   Make a new file
              Recreate a memo with a heading and indents
              Save the memo to a specific drive and        

        Email:  Are you on a listserv?

        Do you have web page?
        Downloaded a message  (ftp/modem)
        Uploaded a message


                What is the world wide wide
                What is the Internet?
                File Compression
                Satellite truck


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