Way-to-go! Where do we go?????

Way-to-go! Where do we go?????

Post by djang.. » Fri, 12 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi, has anyone got any advice for a rising young band, Way-to-go!
First thing that has to be said is that we are absolutely brilliant and
will be rich and famous some time very soon. We play music that is
cool, highly original and definitely marketable, and are totally
committed to success. One CD album is already mastered and a second one
is in the writing stage, but we are having very little luck in getting
a contract of any sort and havent got the cash to invest in pressing a
large run. As we are a young band, we dont want any sort of deal that
would tie us down in any way, but would very much like to have the
opportunity to become known and sell at least enough CDs to cover the
production and recording costs. We dont gig as yet, but are working on
a live act, although we see recorded music as our medium.
If you have any advice as to who we could get in touch with, please let
us know.

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