Please help, NaturallySpeaking 6 will not go past the serial number

Please help, NaturallySpeaking 6 will not go past the serial number

Post by Richar » Sun, 18 Aug 2002 07:09:32


I'm having terrible trouble re-installing DNS6 on my parents PC. I have my
original CD key on the sleeve but whenever I enter it now it says it's
invalid. I tried my installation on a PC in work and it went straight
through (not even asking for the code!). I've been in touch with Scansoft
who have suggested I try deleting the two Dragon keys from the registry but
they've already gone (after Add/Removing). I looked at the support page on
removing DNS completely but it all already seems to have gone and nothing
seems to be left.

After reading through past posts in this group it seems it is a "known"
issue with the UK version (which this happens to be) - could somebody point
me in the right direction on how to fix this so I can enter my code in and
install correctly ?. Is there something else I should know ?. I really can't
face formatting the whole drive to resolve!.

A reply to the group or to my email would be more than appreciated.




1. Please help, NaturallySpeaking 6 will not go past the serial number


This is the problem I'm having on a Dell Computer.  It will not allow me to
install NaturallySpeaking Preferred 6 or NaturallySpeaking Professional 6.
Every time I try to install either of them and it asks for the serial, it
claims that the serial numbers are incorrect and I know that they are the
right ones for they come from the CD cover and they will install properly on
the E machine.  Now the older version NaturallySpeaking Professional 4 will
install on the Dell without ever even asking for the serial number.

I removed every trace of Dragon off of the Dell.  I uninstalled everything
dragon, I used find to locate any files or folders named dragon or
NaturallySpeaking and deleted them. I even went through the entire registry
and removed everything Dragon there also.  Emptied the recycle bin,
rebooted, ran ScanDisk, and it still did the same thing.  I even tried
switching serial numbers yet nothing works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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