FS: DEC VT-320 Terminals

FS: DEC VT-320 Terminals

Post by Kent Ranki » Wed, 29 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have 6 DEC VT-320 terminals for sale(some amber, some green).  They have
the corresponding keyboards(LK201's) and keyboard cables. If you are
interested, then please make me an offer.

                                                                Thanks in
                                                                Kent Rankin


1. FS: 6 DEC VT-320 Terminals & a DEC VT220

I have 6 DEC VT-320 terminals(some amber, some green) for sale.
I also have a DEC VT-220(amber) for sale.
I also have their corresponding keyboards(DEC part no. LK201).

Please make me an offer.

                                                        Kent Rankin

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