Open Research Position: Execution-Driven Performance Analysis for Distributed/Parallel Applications

Open Research Position: Execution-Driven Performance Analysis for Distributed/Parallel Applications

Post by Thomas Fahringe » Fri, 09 Jun 2000 04:00:00

The Institute for Software Science at the University of Vienna
is offering within a long-term research project a

    ***  Research Position in Execution-Driven Performance  ***
    ***    Analysis for Distributed and Parallel Systems    ***

Applicants should have knowledge in one or more of the
following areas:

        + distributed and parallel systems
        + performance measurement, monitoring, and tracing
        + on-line and post-execution performance analysis
        + performance visualization
        + programming skills
            + distributed programming (Java)
            + parallel programming (OpenMP, MPI, Threads, HPF ...)
        + databases and expert systems

Position: Research position for a doct*student.

Starting Date: immediately

Duration: until April 2003.

Project Summary:

   The position is offered as part of a long-term research project
   about performance-oriented application development for distributed
   and parallel systems.

   The main task of this position requires to develop a performance
   analysis system that searches for performance problems in
   object-oriented multi-threaded distributed and parallel
   applications exploiting both data and task parallelism.
   These applications are executed on clusters of SMPs or on
   heterogeneous workstation networks. Various instrumentation systems
   are used to obtain raw performance data while executing a program.
   Performance data may be stored in a data repository (database or
   expert system) for post-execution analysis. The system to be developed
   tries to find performance problems based on collected and computed
   performance data, and information about the input program provided by
   a compiler. Performance problems will be associated with the input
   program. Based on detected performance problems further decisions
   may be taken, e.g. refinement of instrumentation, more detailed
   search for performance problems, application and system changes
   to improve performance, etc.

For more information, please contact

Thomas Fahringer, Ph.D.             Tel: (office): +43 1 4277-38816
Associate Professor                 Tel: (sec):    +43 1 4277-38801
University of Vienna                Fax: +43 1 4277-9388

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Thomas Fahringer, Ph.D.              Tel: (office): +43 1 4277 38816
Associate Professor                  Tel: (sec):    +43 1 4277 38801  
University of Vienna                 Fax: +43 1 4277 9388

Liechtensteinstr. 22                 WWW:
A-1090 Vienna, Austria