Version 1.6.24b libc.a problems

Version 1.6.24b libc.a problems

Post by Robert R. Ha » Sat, 23 Jan 1993 01:17:33

Don't put the library element src/lib/
into the library archive /usr/lib/libc.a as everything
that links it in gets broken.

I observed that the file in this subdirectory are not packed
as library elements. Therefore before I archived them I
changed their .s extension to .x and then created their
.s extension using the libpack command as:
    libpack <write.x >write.s

Now in response to the lorder command, I got this error messages
MINIX> lorder *.s | tsort > lib_order
Error lorder - ___execve defined twice in _exec.s and exec.s
Error lorder - _execl defined twice in exec.s and execl.s
Error lorder - _execle defined twice in exec.s and execle.s
Error lorder - _execv defined twice in exec.s and execv.s
Error lorder - _execve defined twice in exec.s and execve.s

I now have a useable archive library and the programs that
link with it now run, but when I tried the command:
MINIX> make image
I get:
construct -i image ../kernel/kernel ../mm/mm ../fs/fs init
construct: image: No children
make: Error code 256


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Ok here is what I have encountered so far. I match all the CRC's
given in the file MANIFEST, thus I believe I have a good copy
of the minix/1.6.24b directory but I find the files: and  to be short at lot of cdiff files as
after unpacking them my CRC's for the directories:
  src/lib/ansi and src/lib/stdio
still have my ver 1.5 CRC's.

Also I can't find the share file for the directories:
 src/lib/em  src/lib/float  src/lib/math

Beware the files and did
not get compressed so don't try to uncompress them.
The file name exceeds the 14 character
limit and gets truncated to syscall.ansi.s

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