WANTED - Clam 1.3 part 1

WANTED - Clam 1.3 part 1

Post by FYS.. » Sun, 02 Sep 1990 11:31:00

Somehow, part 1 of the new Clam 1.3 slipped off
my greedy little paws... 8-(

I have all the other parts and the patches, so
could someone *please* send part 1 to me?

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1. Clam Version 1.3 - Part 0 of 13

Here is the latest version of Clam, a shell which has many of the features
of sh, csh, and tcsh. It has command line editing, aliases, history, job
control, and runs under Minix, 4.xBSD Unix, and SysV Unix. It is very
modular, and is abundantly documented, and would be useful for teaching
the operations of a shell. Clam was written by Callum Gibson last year
for an Honours project in Comp Sci.

This is the third version of Clam that has been posted to comp.os.minix.
Thanks go to all the people who helped find & fix bugs in the previous
versions. Also thanks to Jwahar Bammi for porting it to the Atari, and
Robert Regn for beta-testing the first version.

The source is shar'd, compressed 12-bit & uuencoded to save me money. It is
split into thirteen 20K files due to posting limitations here in Australia.
So you need to uudecode, uncompress & unshar it :-). Once you've done that,
read README, Installation and Notes. These explain how to install Clam on
your system. You should also do

        $ cat clammanaa clammanab > clam.1

to get an nroff version of the Clam manual.

Clam will probably not compile on the Atari with GnuC at the moment, as
several of the C functions have had their declarations altered. Hopefully
someone ( Jwahar? ) will post the aprropriate patches TO ME so that it
will work; also a patch to the Makefile would be nice too :-)

If any bugs are found, could you please mail me a description of the
problem, and a patch if you have one. I'd like to believe that Clam
is bug-free, but there's always one more bug! My address is probably

        Have fun!

        Callum Gibson & Warren Toomey

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