MacMIN*X mailing and news reading

MacMIN*X mailing and news reading

Post by Jamie Thingelst » Tue, 11 Feb 1992 14:32:42


I am new to MacMINIX and while trying to upgrade my to
I am wondering about some things:

1. Where are the files.  I tried plains but they seem to only

2. Also, is there a way that I can have MacMINIX call up my UN*X host and
get my mail, send any of my mail, and possibly do news stuff?

3. Also, I cannot seem to get MacMINIX to talk with my modem.  It never
is able to make a connection.  Could someone who is using MacMINIX with
a modem successfully please send me a copy of their /etc/rc

many thanx

JAMIE THINGELSTAD                      * "Chickens are just like you and me...


MacMIN*X mailing and news reading

Post by Michael Thomps » Thu, 27 Feb 1992 13:03:49

 Has anybody using MacMinix tried to run a different shell
 then sh?  I tried a few but always seemed to have difficulties. One shell
 that I finally got working though was shh.  I had to make one change in
 hist.c though for it to work (does this mean it was a bug or a feature?).

 It is a very simple fix related to character input. I'm new at this
 so there may be more bugs still left. Here is the .cdif.

 Good Luck,
 Michael Thompson.

*** hist.c      Fri Jul 26 09:58:07 1991
--- ../hist.c   Tue Feb 25 18:55:29 1992
*** 536,542 ****
!     int   c;

      read(0, &c, 1);
      return (c&0xff);
--- 536,542 ----
!     char   c;

      read(0, &c, 1);
      return (c&0xff);


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