Wanted s2asm program

Wanted s2asm program

Post by antonio pasto » Tue, 27 Mar 1990 00:09:34

From what I undestood there is around a program that is converting
MINIX assembler in MASM or TASM assembler. Would be somebody so kind to
mail me a copy? (Or posting it again ...)


Antonio Pastore


1. I need s2asm.sed for mcc-2.1.4

Hello, MINIXers in the World.
  I'm enjoying MINIX 1.5 PH version. I'm trying mcc-2.1.4 to my 286 machine,
because I want to compile clam, elle, kermit,... etc. But I faced a problem.
Installing mcc-2.1.4 needs s2asm.sed written by Earl Chew.
Could anybody please send me s2asm.sed by e-mail. Our site is linked by
serius line, so I can't get archive by ftp.


Institute of Technology    Shimizu Corporotion

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