paste.c and its author, David Ihnat.

paste.c and its author, David Ihnat.

Post by a.. » Sat, 02 Jun 1990 09:26:00

While waiting for some progress on the RS232 front, I am starting to
look at programs that I collected over the net and by mail during the
past year.   One quick observation:  please test your programs before
distributing them.  So far, only one program even compiled without
manual intervention, and in most cases I can't even figure out what has
to be done to make the programs compile, let alone run.  I have also
received a stream of "improvements" to fgrep and other programs posted
recently.  None of these actually worked.  Please test things a bit more

The one program I have that worked perfectly the first time is paste
(used on System 5).  It prints files side by side, sort of like pr -m,
and it does other tricks.  However, paste is copyrighted by David Ihnat.
He lists his address as ihuxx!ignatz and phone # as (312) 784-4544.  I
have tried to contact him unsucessfully.  I would like to ask his permission
to include paste in V1.3, but if I can't get a hold of him, I won't
distribute it.  If anyone knows his proper address, could you please mail
it to me?  My best guess is that ihuxx is probably Bell Labs at Indian Hill.


paste.c and its author, David Ihnat.

Post by Dave Ihn » Sat, 02 Jun 1990 15:38:00

For the record, I'm found (actually, I never felt lost, personally...)
My telephone number was accurate, but my address via UUCP is more reliably
ihnp4!homebru!ignatz (or, soon, probably hoptoad!homebru!ignatz...)

Thanks to those who pointed out my "lost status"...but you can stop now...

        Dave Ihnat
        Analysts International Corp.


1. David & Goliath: The author comments

Braun Tacon reposted my little piece about FS2000. I've been following the
reaction to it. It wasn't intended as a real comparision to TRI, and I am
not a sycophant of Fly! - indeed I spent weeks after Fly! was released
trying to pursuade them that the flight models were way out, and got a lot
of flak for it. Eventually they let me loose on the svh files, and I
produced some alternative flight models.  Beyond that, I show appreciation
where I feel it's due and criticise where I feel it's not.

The piece was deadly serious.  Sometimes we express dissatisfaction in
technical language - I thought it might be a change to express mine through
feigned naivity. I would like nothing better than for FS2000 to be a great
version. But it's not. I'm not interested in bashing MS per se, since my
computer is full of superb products from them. I've owned every FS version
from the start. FS5.1 was superb for its time and FS6 was the bogey. What
worries me is that FS has lost its way:

 In an effort to provide new scenery, but still keep compatibility with the
old stuff. it falls between two stools and has not acknowledged or learned
from the enormous improvement in scenery, flight modelling and fast graphics
achieved by practically everyone else. More seriously, they have tampered
with the very things that made it worthwhile - ie: shadows, views (which
were fine before they ruined them) and reasonable flight modelling. They had
a golden opportunity to build on CFS scenery, which though flawed, was very
impressive. Instead they have come up with a confused hash of BMPs, r.8
textures and the odd bit of mesh stuff, on top of the tired old flat slabs
and polygons. The whole soup has ground the sim to a virtual halt through
grossly inefficient coding and major bugs: even the joystick routines steal
huge frame rate overhead, as do a couple of gauges.

This version gives all the problems of FS6, with none of the rewards in
FS98. In short, it's a mess. Shame.


Rob Young

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