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Date:         Tue, 28 Feb 1989 09:04 PAC

Subject:      MINIX on 386 Clones

I'm not sure if this is the place for this query, but here goes.

Does anyone have any experience running MINIX 1.2 on 386 clones?
Specifically, I have a friend running a Hauppage motherboard and he
just can't seem to get MINIX to go.  Any ideas out there?



1. FS4000 price drop, LS4000 none, no word on Minolta 5400?

Adorama and B&H have both dropped their prices on the Canon FS4000US
35mm film scanner.  The LS4000 price has not (yet?) moved.  I have
not been able to find any "new news" on the Minolta 5400 dpi 35mm
film scanner, which is supposedly going to be out next month.

Given that the new Minolta scanner is the obvious logical reason
for knocking down prices on the older "merely" 4000 dpi scanners,
I wonder why the Canon price has dropped now, but not the Nikon.
That price delta ($700ish vs $1150ish) is also getting to the point
where it is tempting to buy the Canon, even if its construction
and speed may not be as good as the Nikon. :-)

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