Shells on MINIX

Shells on MINIX

Post by Eric W. Dewa » Sat, 16 Oct 1993 07:23:41

Does anyone know of any other shells form MINIX other than the Bourne
shell included with the distrubition?
I've noticed Clam has been mentioned, but is there a Korn shell ksh or
csh out there?

By the way the computer I am running this on is an Amiga 500

Thanx in advance
Eric Dewald


1. Modify Shell in Minix

Hi! If i want to modify the shell in minix to add tab command
completion, command history ect, which files would i be modifying and
also, once i have successfuly modified the files, if i compile with
make fdboot, would the shell be modified in the new kernel, or i would
have to seperately compile and put it on the floppy??

it would be great if someone would help me find some implementation of
command completion, command history in any shell??  or give me some
pointers on this.

thanx a ton.

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