HELP! - Broken 1.2 /usr disk

HELP! - Broken 1.2 /usr disk

Post by ICS.TEST/PN=_TEST_GR.. » Sat, 13 Jan 1990 06:31:00

I have had the great misfortune to have destroyed my working 1.2 /usr
disk when I was copying things to a new 4.3 BSD-like fs.   I have also
lost my back-up copies of everything, and am thus stuck without
(among other things) the ACK C-compiler, asld, and the libraries.

I would be forever grateful to anyone who could help me recover from this
terrible situation, either by helping me replace my 1.2 /usr disk or
letting me copy a more recent Minix.

A disk copy done somewhere in Toronto would be super, though I can make
arrangements to FTP anything that might help, or snatch something some other


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