Comp.Object FAQ - Version II Beta - Latest Object Oriented Resource - Please Participate!

Comp.Object FAQ - Version II Beta - Latest Object Oriented Resource - Please Participate!

Post by Robert Hathawa » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 12:30:50

                    COMP.OBJECT FAQ
               Version II Beta now Available
- Latest Important Information on Object Technology - What's New Page
    - What professionals *must keep up on* in rapidly changing environment
    - Available on Homepage, email notification on updates now available
- Good Resource Site - Latest in Object Technology
    - Login/Take Survey - Get High quality GOF Patterns Sheets
- Complete Coverage of Object Orientation
- Up to date on Java, C++, .net (more C# soon)
- Runs on J2EE/EJB site, very cool running examples
    - Participate in new OO Survey (J2EE/EJB impl) - Real-Time Results
    - Survey soon canonical example of J2EE/OO Arch/Design patterns

What's New:
    0.9   What is Open Source Software?   (And where to get best OO)
    0.10  What are the Major new Object Oriented Technologies?
    0.11  What are Web Services?
    0.12  What is available on Software Architectures?

The comp.object FAQ, at one time the most up to date resource on object
technology anywhere, is back in business.  A new beta site has gone up
hosted on the open source JBOSS J2EE/EJB platform and all are invited
to join in and take a look.  A new survey on object technology
is available for those who logon, results are presented in real-time.
New surveys, information of greatest interest to those in OO, and new
examples and patterns are available and much more new material is
forthcoming.  New summaries on J2EE, .net, Web Services, and open
source, all rapidly changing and critical to keep up on by professionals,
are available and examples of all, complete with design documentation
will be available shortly, including those now running on the site.

A new summary 'cheat sheet' of the GOF patterns, which can help to learn
all patterns and when to use them in a glance - is now available,
and a summary and comparison matrix of new architectural styles,
approaches, and patterns (yes, even including RUP and XP) will follow and
provide an opportunity to see all of the new software architecture methods
at a glance.  Login only requires email (or any id) and a password,
no other info will ever be requested.

Please take a look at the new Object FAQ and participate in the latest
survey, by doing so you and the entire OO community will benefit by seeing
the results. The first survey is a beta test, more interesting surveys
will be available shortly, 1 per month on topics we all need to keep up to
date on.  Feedback is most welcome.  I'd like to think the comp.object
FAQ, one of the first documents up on the Web, is the best FAQ around and
with your participation will stay that way.

Best Regards!
Bob Hathaway

Object FAQ Maintainer