Public objects?

Public objects?

Post by David Pettersso » Wed, 27 Jun 2001 04:46:50


Wondering if there are any public CORBA objects out there - the only one
I've found this far is the one at which gives you
real random numbers on demand :).


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1. public vs private access: implement two interfaces in same object?

I've got a problem where I need two different access levels to the same

Debit_Card provides the card number to anyone who asks, but only the
Bank is allowed to make calls to the get_PIN() method, so only it can
validate people's PINs.

I was happily doing this via a CORBA interface that had no notion of
get_PIN, and relying on the Bank having an _impl * to the actual object.

This suddenly works less well if I move to Servant Locators using LRU
evictor queues; the Debit_Card object might well get flushed to disk in
the middle of a bank operation.  (In this simple example I could make
the bank be the Servant Locator for Debit Cards, but that scales poorly
when I have a second object needing that _impl * access.)

I'm tempted to go down the route of:

interface Public_Debit_Card {
    string get_number();

interface Private_Debit_Card {
    string get_PIN();

class Debit_Card_impl : public virtual Public_Debit_Card, public virtual
Private_Debit_Card {
   //  ...

But this raises the obvious questions:

1) Will this work at all?
2)  If I called ->this() on a Debit_Card_impl, what would I get?

If I'm the Bank object, and I have a Public_Debit_Card_ptr, and want the
PIN, I must get some UID for the card, and call off to the servant
locator to hand back the Private_Debit_Card_ptr for the card with the
given UID.  Performace-wise, that honks.

How do other people deal with this stuff?


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