New MicoCCM snapshot

New MicoCCM snapshot

Post by Frank Pilhof » Wed, 04 Jul 2001 21:28:19

   Hi Folks,

 I've put up a new CVS snapshot of MicoCCM.

 The MicoCCM project, sponsored by Alcatel and implemented by FPX,
aims at providing a reference implementation of the CORBA Component

 The new snapsot supports collocated facets (through the use of local
interfaces), but most importantly, the documentation has been updated
to something more worthy of its name. The doc now includes a tutorial
and an overview of CORBA Components.

 Please visit the MicoCCM homepage for more information,

 Have fun,


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1. New MicoCCM Snapshot

   Hi folks,

 I have put up a new snapshot of MicoCCM, an implementation of the CORBA
Components Model based on Mico. Please visit

 This new snapshot already integrates a lot of updates that were made to
the CORBA Components specification in the meantime by the Finalization
Task Force at the OMG. This includes extended introspection features and
a standard Language Mapping.

 Also, support for extended components has been added, so that components
can now offer event source and event sink ports (emits, publishes and con-
sumes keywords).

 At the above Web site, you will find a code snapshot, and a user tutorial
to get you going with MicoCCM.

 Please test and send feedback.

 The work on MicoCCM is sponsored by Alcatel.

 Have fun,


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