Corba api work needed

Corba api work needed

Post by Jamie Camer » Fri, 04 Apr 2003 04:02:51

as part of evaluation effort we are looking for someone to assist in
coding an application/ interface between a Corba API and an XML based

The application needs to establish contact with The XML based API
Transactions will then flow from the XML api to be forwarded to an
application running a Corba API.

other * work in java and or c++, c# may be offered if interest

if you are interested please contact at below adress, and we can
discuss project outline.

Jamie Cameron


1. CORBA, JAVA IDL, JAVA CORBA immaturity, badly need help !!

Can anyone help to show a simple examples for java corba client server
communication ?

I've tried the one provided from at

I've tested that and that seems to be working fine only on just local
I mean I can have it compiled and run without problems with the client
communicate with the server in just 1 local system. I've tested it
at windows 95 (jdk1.3.1_01) and Redhat linux 6.1, and windows 98
and Sun Solaris (jdk1.2.2). The examples can work fine in just 1 system,

but if I put the client in 1 and server in any other machine mentioned
above with
the above jre, I get NONE OF THEM WORK with client to communicate with

None of them can work to communicate with other machine.

I've also tried to install ORBit and OmniORB and just the simailar
was obtained. Client and server program can work and communicate with
the programs put on the same machine, but they can't communicate with
othere with server program on 1 machine, and client program put on

That really make me feel that CORBA is actually very immature.

Corba is for developer to program with different computer languages in
objects, and have the objects to communiate. But I've tried 3 different
packages JAVA, ORBit and omniORB and they just can't communicate with
each other even though they are just working in 1 package with the same
computer language (java with java, and c with c in OmniORB and ORBit).

Any one can help and have some suggestions/corrections on me ??

Any comments are much appreciable.

Thanks 1000 times !!


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