Delphi client with Visibroker connecting with CORBA Server build with TUXEDO

Delphi client with Visibroker connecting with CORBA Server build with TUXEDO

Post by Joha » Thu, 07 Dec 2000 04:00:00

Our client application was build in Delphi 5.
We received an idl of a CORBA Server build in Visual Basic with TUXEDO . We
compiled it into pas files. The pas files are used by our client
application. Normal bind procedure doesn't work. We installed dll's etc.
What is actually necessary to let our client (build with Visibroker
technology) communicate with the CORBA Server (build  with TUXEDO
technology) ?
Our counterpart has everything working on their network, but we are not able
to directly enter theirs.

The source I used looks like this:

uses ..., unit_i, unit_c;

  aName4TheObject : TCorbaObject;


procedure TMAINForm.AppCorbaInitialize;
  aName4TheObject := TCorbaObject.bind;

If annyone has an idea how the two different ORB products (VisiBroker &
TUXEDO) can connect with eachother, let me know.


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Thanks for any guidance you can provide.


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