_deref() in a TIE implementation object

_deref() in a TIE implementation object

Post by Hrishikesh Dixi » Wed, 22 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

I'm running into some memory corruption problems while using
the TIE approach for implementation, especially with the
deletion of the implementation objects on the server side.

Briefly, here's the situation :

I have an interface 'foo.idl' defined.
I have an implementation object foo_i that implements the
foo interface using the TIE approach. So my implementation
object is independent of the CORBA-generated classes.
I create some foo_i objects on the server, TIE them to
CORBA objects and return them to the client as a part of
a container CORBA object fooContainer (which happens to be
implemented by the BOA method).
The client invokes method op1() on a fooContainer, in response
to which I want retrieve a reference to the foo_i object that
it contains (as a TIE-ed CORBA object), and cache it on the
server. I can obtain the reference through a _deref() on the
TIE-ed object.
The client then invokes a method op2() on fooContainer in
response to which I want to delete the cached foo_i object.
This operation gives me a FUM error (Freeing Unallocated Memory)
in Purify.

Here's the sample code : (I'm using Orbix-2.3MT on Solaris 2.5.1)

                CLIENT                                  SERVER
                ------                                  ------

        fooContainer_ptr fc ;                   fooContainer_ptr fc=
                                                  new fooContainer_i() ; // BOA Impl.
                                                foo_i *f= new foo_i() ;
                                                foo_ptr fp=
                                                  new TIE_foo(foo)(f) ; // TIE Impl.
                                                fc->addFooObject(fp) ;

        <bind to fooContainer> -------------->  <return fc>

        int n ;

        foo_ptr fp=
          fc->getFooObject() ;
        fc->op1(fp, n) ;  ------------------->  fooContainer_i::op1(foo_ptr fp,
                                                                    int n) {
                                                   foo_i *f = (foo_i *) fp->_deref() ;
                                                   foo_cache[n]= (foo_i *) f ;

        fc->op2 (n) ------------------------->  fooContainer_i::op2 (int n) {
                                                   foo_i *f= foo_cache[n] ;
                                                   delete f ; <===== FUM error !!

The server does not crash immediately, but a few iterations of this
and it bails out with a seg-fault.

Anyone run into this before ? The issue is, does a _deref() return me
the same memory that I allocated for the implementation object ? It's
documented that _deref() is not very reliable when it comes to operations
pertaining to destruction, so what I'm doing here is not a good idea
anyway, but I just wanted to know if the behavior of _deref() is
deterministically flawed, or is it just something that "may or may not

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Thanks !



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thanks for any help

Matthias Muellereisert

Account_ptr aPtr =3D new TIE_Account(Account_i) (new Account_i());
CheckingAccount_ptr caPtr;
try {
=09caPtr =3D CheckingAccount::_narrow(aPtr);
=09cerr << &sysEx << endl;

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