IONA Orbix 2000 client for Weblogic 6.0 EJB - idl compilation problem

IONA Orbix 2000 client for Weblogic 6.0 EJB - idl compilation problem

Post by ART » Thu, 07 Jun 2001 23:26:40


I'm looking for some examples (description how to) of C++ or Java
CORBA (with Orbix 2000) client for EJB deployed on BEA Weblogic 6.0  app.

There is an description how to develop C++ CORBA client  for EJB
(Package examples.rmi_iiop.ejb.generic_idl
This example demonstrates connectivity between an EJB with valuetypes and a
CORBA/C++ client with VisiBroker 3.4 ORB)

I would like to do this but agains the Orbix 2000.

a) I generate IDL using rmic compiler:
java weblogic.ejbc -compiler javac -iiop -idl -idlOverwrite -idlDirectory
idlSources build\std_ejb_generic_idl.jar %APPLICATIONS%\ejb_generic_idl.jar

b)Then I try to compile IDLs with Orbix2000 idl compiler:
idl/idlSources TradeResult.idl

        and all other generated by ejbc compiler idls:
                Trader.idl, TraderHome.idl, javax/ejb/EJBObject.idl,
javax/ejb/EJBHome.idl, javax/ejb/RemoveEx.idl,
                 javax/ejb/CreateEx.idl, java/lang/_Ex.idl,
java/lang/_Object.idl, java/lang/_Exception.idl, java/lang/Throwable.idl,
java/rmi/Remote.idl,                    java/io/Serializable.idl,
java/io/PrintStream.idl, java/io/PrintWriter.idl, java/io/Writer.idl,
java/io/IOEx.idl, java/io/IOException.idl,

but I got error in lookup of symbol: ::java::lang::Exception in
It is strange because Orbix2000 idl compiler when in IOException.idl file
finds definition:
 valuetype IOException : ::java::lang::_Exception
 is looking for...   ::java::lang::Exception  (without underscore sign)
I think that the problem is with Weblogic rmic "EJB" to IDL compilation
(and Orbix idl->C++ compilation) because class
java.lang.Exception is mapped to java/lang/_Exception.idl
but Orbix 2000 idl compiler can't recognize this mapping.

/opt/iona/orbix_art/1.2/bin/idl -base -I/opt/iona/orbix_art/1.2/idl -I/opt/i
ona/orbix_art/1.2/idl/omg -I../idl/idlSources
/opt/iona/orbix_art/1.2/bin/idl -base -I/opt/iona/orbix_art/1.2/idl -I/opt/i
ona/orbix_art/1.2/idl/omg -I../idl/idlSources
idl: "../idl/idlSources/java/io/IOException.idl", line 30: error in lookup
of symbol: ::java::lang::Exception
"../idl/idlSources/examples/rmi_iiop/ejb/generic_idl/Trader.idl": found 1
__make: *** [simple.hh] Error 1

Thanx in advance


1. Problems with Iona Orbix 2000 (2.0) + Comet 2000 + VB 6.0 + Callbacks

Hello all,
I ve a strange problem with
Orbix 2000 2.0, Comet 2000, Java Corba Server, Vb-Client and Callback.
If running the VB-Client in Visual Basic IDE everything is working
fine, the
callbacks are executed.
Running outside IDE, the callbacks do not work, COMET writes some

[1c7] IT_Marshall : InvokeDCOMRequest/Dispatch - start
[1c7] Operation name is [[1c7] setMainSelection[1c7] ]
[1c7] IT_Marshall : IT_Param2XXXIter:process
[1c7] start critical section
[1c7] critical section Lock
[1c7] critical section Locked!!
[1c7] critical section UnLock
[1c7] critical section UnLocked!!
[1c7] ---dtor ParamElement List 1, still 1 remaining; address is
[1c7] ---dtor ParamElement List 0, still 0 remaining; address is
[1c7] IT_Marshall : InvokeDCOMRequest - Unknown Exception (Possible
[1c7] OrbixCOMet error : Marshalling Error, Unknown Exception making
DCOM upcall[1c7] DCOMRequester::invokeRequest[1c7]
[137] 27346944 Release(0) 60 IT_CORBAFactory
[137] 27346944 deleteing... 61 IT_CORBAFactory
[137] -- dec object IT_COMInterface [8] -> [7]
[137] 26647152 Release(0) 62 IT_CORBAFactory
[137] 26647152 deleteing... 63 IT_CORBAFactory
[137] -- dec object IT_COMInterface [7] -> [6]
[137] 26647072 Release(0) 64 IT_ORBObject
[137] 26647072 deleteing... 65 IT_ORBObject

And so on. What is the difference, running in VB IDE and outside as

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

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