mico: Imr and name service.

mico: Imr and name service.

Post by Ivan Garcia Fernand » Sat, 27 Apr 2002 23:30:59

Can somebody some example of the name service with the implementation
repository(persistent objets)?
I do examples of two types of operation, but when i try to join, i
have many problems.
I have doubts of how i do to launch the daemons (micod, imr, nsd) and
what daemos must be work, and what is the chronology of the launch,
and what are the atributes of this daemons?



1. General issue with Naming Service, IMR and PortableServer::POA::createPOA()

Can someone answer this question:

If one places an imr-ified object reference to a particular server in the Naming
Service and a client obtains this reference from the Naming Service, the client
then has to _narrow() this reference to the interface type that the server
implements. This _narrow() call invokes an _is_a() request on the object reference
obtained from the Naming Service by the client and thus starts up the server
application. However, in my case, I need to place the object that the server
creates in a PERSISTENT POA, and my server is creating this POA (using createPOA),
while this call to _is_a() is being forwarded to my server. I am using ACE 5.1.10
and TAO 1.1.10 and in my case, these two events (the createPOA call and the _is_a
call) conflict in that both need to obtain a mutex lock on the portable object
adapter object itself to complete, and one obtains the lock first and the other
blocks, and my application hangs. I know this might seem more relevant to the
TAO-Users mailing list but I feel my question is a general one: How do you get
a server to be started up by the IMR and create a PERSISTENT POA, when the call
to start up the server by the IMR is forwarded to the POA that is being created?
Shouldn't the fact that I (unnecessarily) place the POAManager used in creating
the child (PERSISTENT) POA in a holding state guarantee that requests will be
queued until the PERISTENT POA is fully created and the POAManager is afterward

I would be very grateful for any help?
Bret Clark

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