Is there a way to retrieve interface information besides the interface repository (esp. ORBacus)?

Is there a way to retrieve interface information besides the interface repository (esp. ORBacus)?

Post by Michael Knap » Fri, 06 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I am currently working on a proxy architecture using
A modified client orb sends all outgoing requests to the
proxy which forward it to the server. Additionally the
client orb adds all available type info for marshalling
(just sending everything as Any).
As i want to be able to change parameters and this kind of
stuff i am doing this on application level with a modified
ServerRequest object.
But the problem are the return values i get from the server:
the proxy has no knowledge of out and inout typcodes so he
just can't interpret the data he gets.
I know it is possible to use an interface repository for
this, but how to get it with just the forward IOR received
from the client??? Or is there any other way to get this
info from the client?? I am stuck here please help.

Michael Knapp

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