CORBA 2.4.x compliance w.r.t. messaging changes in CORBA core.

CORBA 2.4.x compliance w.r.t. messaging changes in CORBA core.

Post by Karel Gard » Wed, 11 Sep 2002 19:22:10


 I'd like to implement some missing feature(s) in MICO to update it to
CORBA 2.4. The problem which I see is in messaging related changes in
CORBA core. As I understand CORBA specification, I'll have to update
all features specified in CORBA core chapters to CORBA 2.4. This is
perfectly ok till the moment when I see some messaging related changes
in these chapters - examples:

ORB Interface: added operations get_client_policy,
get_policy_overrides, validate_connection

Dynamic Invocation Interface: added operations on Request interface:
sendp, prepare, sendc.


Question is: do I really need to implement all these messaging related
changes which infiltrate into CORBA core for CORBA 2.4 compliance?

Thanks a lot,


ObjectSecurity Ltd. 


1. CORBA 2.4

Hi All,

I was trying to determine what changes are covered in the 2.4 revision
of the CORBA spec (formal/00-10-01).

Other than revisions to existing chapters driven by revisions to other
CORBA specs, it looks to me that these are the new features covered by

- CORBA Messaging
- Minimum CORBA
- Real-time CORBA

Are there other important changes that were made in 2.4 (e.g., DynAny,
Fixed types, etc.)?

Sure would be nice to see a matrix that covers evolution from CORBA's
inception to today :-) Anybody have one?

Thanks in advance,

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