Worb - Free, Open, Growing

Worb - Free, Open, Growing

Post by Michael Worobe » Sun, 06 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Worb, a free and open community supporting the success of CORBA (at
http://www.worb.com) is alive and growing.

Worb was down for four days last week. The office was moved. Sorry for
the inconvenience. We're on a very reliable T1 now.

Here's  a list of some new additions:

1. Contributor Listing. Worb invites all contributors to Worb to free
personal Web page hosting. All site users can submit HTML via e-mail to

Active contributors will be given ftp (read and write) access to their
personal Web directory. Suggested use includes a personal hot-list, info
on your own projects, and perhaps a resume. See my listing for an
example: http://www.worb.com/contributors/MichaelWorobec/

2.  Job listing. Worb has just added a listing of CORBA-related jobs.
It's at http://www.worb.com/jobs/jobs.index.htm The list is new and will
grow daily. Companies seeking CORBA professionals can submit their

3. More companies. http://www.worb.com/Companies/companies.index.htm.
All submissions of the type 'Our ORB isn't listed' have been handled. If

Send me links to your product info and press releases as well.

4. Also, pondering creating a contest, similar to OMG's, for
applications of CORBA/IIOP that are publicly accessible. See
http://www.worb.com/orbs/orbs.index.htm for more info.

5. Around sixty users have subscribed to the Worb forums. Most log in
regularly, but everyone is 'lurking' so far. Please post!!!  The forums
have been designed to be flame-free. There are forums appropriate for
every type of post, so you need not fear posting something too simple or
too complicated. CORBA Vendors are watching the forums to answer any
questions about their products.


1. Integration, via precompiled queries and links, with inquiry.com's
130,000 article database! Check out http://www.inquiry.com.
2. Worb's own public IIOP implementation. I'm wating for my next
paycheck to buy memory and a processor upgrade for the machine prior to

Mike Worobec



Worb - Free, Open, Growing

Post by Carol Pawlowsk » Sat, 12 Oct 1996 04:00:00

> http://www.worb.com

I am interested in obtaining information regarding not only any publicly
available ORBs but also any CORBA compliant objects as I would like to
develop a publicly available TRADER to advertise their services and make
available APIs as per the CORBA standard.  

Many thanks in advance,
Carol Pawlowski


1. MS Continues to Grow...and Grow

Nation's Sixth-Largest Bank-Holding Company, Bank One.

Microsoft Signs Bank One as First Financial Institution
To Roll Out Money Explorer

Nation's Sixth-Largest Bank-Holding Company Makes
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REDMOND, Wash. -- April 17, 2002 -- Microsoft Corp. today
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customers nationwide.


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