Running corba server

Running corba server

Post by Brun » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 21:51:39

Hi There,

This is probably a question which is related to my
inexperience using Corba.

I'm currently using Aion, a rulebased, object oriented
environment.  This product is capable of generating and using
Corba objects.  This is, you declare classes and the generate
the server object (an .exe).

The other way around, using the IDL of these server objects
in a client application is also possible.

But my question is how to run the client.
According to the accompanied documentation, I'm doing everything
correct, but I'm afraid there is sth wrong : when I run the server
object, in a DOS box, it displays "Entering corba message loop ..."
and exits (I get the prompt back).
Is this correct ?  Shouldn't the dos prompt remain away ?

I'musing Borland Enterprise server, visibroker edition.

Thanks in advance !



1. Problems running CORBA Server within the Java Plugin in a browser.

I have the following setup.
    A java applet running within the Java Plugin in a browser, The
applet implements a  CORBA Server interface,  bascially for callbacks.
The applet is able to connect to a CORBA Server and make remote calls,
however the callbacks from the server to the applet fails. I get the
NO_IMPLEMENT exception on the server  for  all callbacks to the applet.
   The applet in the  pluggin is using the Sun ORB while the Server
stuff is all Visigenic. The IDL is compiled using the -portable -strict
option and looks good. I guess the problem is that the server is not
able to open a connection back to the applet for callbacks. Does anybody

know what needs to be done to acheive this.

Thanks in advance,

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