Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development

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Agility Days 2003, October 28 30, 2003, Frankfurt

Speakers: Alistair*burn, Craig Larman, Chris Rupp, Dr. Peter
Hruschka, among others.

Are you caught up in the maze of traditional procedural models? Are
the increasing number of rules robbing you of valuable time,
motivation and creativity? Agility can provide you with an escape
route! Come to the Agility Days 2003 (October 28 30, Frankfurt) and
start developing successfully in an agile way!

The past couple of decades in the area of software development have
seen ever more detailed instructions and procedural models come into
existence. It is now common practice for developers to find themselves
dealing increasingly with the management of documents rather than with
actual programming tasks. Are you satisfied with this state of
affairs? Are these rigid procedural models and methods having the
desired effect? Are your customers really receiving what they asked
for on time and at a reasonable price? And do developers enjoy
developing software in this way?

Agile software development is setting new priorities, such as:

 - being open for changes rather than sticking rigidly to plans
 - using people and communication rather than processes and tools
 - being results-oriented rather than process-oriented
 - "talking about something" rather than "writing in opposing
 - having trust rather than control
 - using "Best Practices" based on experience rather than prescribed
 - using appropriate measures rather than extreme ones

The Agility Days 2003 offer you detailed insights into agile methods
of software development. Informative presentations and intensive talks
with speakers from the areas of science, consulting services and
industry will provide you with the opportunity for active information
exchange. Reports on experiences taken directly from practice will
offer you valuable ideas for your own processes, while interactive
sessions are in place for you to direct your particular questions to
those with practical experience.

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