Breaking synchronous behaviour of a request at operation implementation

Breaking synchronous behaviour of a request at operation implementation

Post by Chabane Rezzi » Wed, 25 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,

Let me explain the issue using a simple example.
CORBA client C needs to make a synchronous invokation on an CORBA server
object S located in a given server (unix process) P. To service the
request object S must query asynchroneously a database. The server P
cannot block while waiting for database reply: It has to process
other requests. Yes I can use threads to solve the problem. Some OSes
don't support threads. And threads add some complexity.
I need to defer replying to the request untill the data I need is
I checked the Orbix inclue/corba/request.h file and found the following
method on the CORBA::Request:

virtual Boolean deferReply (Boolean doDefer=1,
                         Environment &env=IT_chooseDefaultEnv ());
virtual void enableReply (
                      Environment &env=IT_chooseDefaultEnv ());

Unfortunately, I cannot find documetation on how to use them and even
what they do.
If you happen to have an example or have some info to share please
send me an e-mail.

A standard solution is better. But I'd also like to know how this can be
implemented using available ORBS.

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