New knowledgebase site - looking for authors, articles or tips about Corba

New knowledgebase site - looking for authors, articles or tips about Corba

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Hello Everyone,

We are launching a new free knowledgebase website  It will be a place where you can
ask questions and get answers, read articles, tips and tutorials!

We are looking for articles, tips or tutorials on Corba.  

If you have any articles that you would like to have published
on our site or if you are a first time author and would like the
world to see your technical expertise please visit our site at

Also with any article, tip or tutorial that submit or write for
us you will receive full credit and a link to your homepage.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for yor time,


1. Article about SOAP vs CORBA online at OMG site

about a year ago I wrote an article with the title
    "Web Services/SOAP  and  CORBA"
that contains the material from a discussion on this
subject in this group, and some more observations.
The article has been available at my homepage since.

Recently I was contacted by the OMG that they liked
the article, and they have placed a copy of it (PDF)
online at their site, in the Whitepapers section.

Even though it is about a year old now, I still think
it's an interesting read.

--Irmen de Jong

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