Problem in executing idl2java in Visibroker 4.5

Problem in executing idl2java in Visibroker 4.5

Post by Uma » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 07:13:52

   In dos prompt, i am trying to execute idl2java somefile.idl .
But i am getting error message "

            "Error loading: C:\JBuilder8\jdk1.4\jre\bin\classic\jvm.dll
Unable to load any JVM, exiting!!!"

 What is this Error message. I set PATH correctly to

I don't understand reason for this error.
I also have trail version JBuilder 8.0 on my machine .  
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1. Visibroker for Java 4.5 idl2java compiler generates wrong code


I have 3 idl files A.idl, B.idl and C.idl. Those contain interfaces viz. AX,
BX, and CX in respectively. The interface CX is defined as:
module C
  interface CX : A::AX,  B::BX {};

When I compile all idl files with -obj_wrapper (option that generates wrapper
 classes), the compiling generated java files for C.idl gives me following
compile error:
C\ Variable _wrapper in class B._BXStub not accessible from
 class C._CXStub.
      ((B._BXStub)this.__B_BX)._wrapper = _wrapper;

I checked file, the _wrapper is a protected member. Is this a bug?
Is there any solution to overcome this situation?

Best Regards,

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