Announce: MicoCCM first preview

Announce: MicoCCM first preview

Post by Frank Pilhof » Thu, 24 May 2001 19:11:31


 I have put up a current snapshot of MicoCCM on my Web page at

 The MicoCCM project is an ongoing effort to evaluate the CORBA
Components specification and to provide a reference implementation
based on the Mico ORB.

 You will find a snapshot of the Mico CVS which includes all CCM
changes, and a small user-level documentation file describing the
usage of all tools and the language mapping used for implementing

 The current version implements basic Service and Session components.

 I welcome and encourage feedback.

 The Mico CORBA Component Project is sponsored by Alcatel.

 Have fun,


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1. ANNOUNCE: ORBacus Names 1.0 Preview Release

Object-Oriented Concepts, Inc. is pleased to announce the first public
Preview Release of ORBacus Names 1.0.

ORBacus Names is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the OMG Naming
Service and includes the following features:

- Windows Explorer-style user interface for a familiar, comfortable
- Cut & paste support simplifies the creation of new bindings
- Multiple undo capability
- Useful object "ping" utility helps administrators validate the
  objects in the service
- User's Guide
- Written in Java for maximum portability
- Can be used to manage any Naming Service compliant to OMG
- Additional features if used with the ORBacus Extended Naming Service:
  * Expanded binding attributes for improved manageability
  * Callback support in server enables dynamic monitoring capabilities

Note: ORBacus Names is a graphical user interface for the Naming
Service. The ORBacus Naming Service and the Extended Naming Service are
part of the ORBacus for C++ and Java core distributions.


- ORBacus for Java 3.0.1
- JDK 1.1.6
- Java Foundation Classes 1.1 (Swing 1.0.2)

For more information on ORBacus Names, please visit the ORBacus Names
Home Page at

Marc Laukien                          Phone:  (978) 439 9285 x 245
Object-Oriented Concepts, Inc.        FAX:    (978) 439 9286
44 Manning Rd.                        WWW:

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