Euro-Par'2000 - deadline approaching!

Euro-Par'2000 - deadline approaching!

Post by Sergei Gorlat » Fri, 14 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Dear colleagues,

the following workshop of Euro-Par'2000 is seeking submissions
on a broad spectrum of topics including all aspects of MPI programming.

                 Attention: deadline on 31th January !

                           Call for papers
                            Euro-Par 2000
                           Munich, Germany
                   August 29 - September 1, 2000


Topic 10:   Parallel Programming: Models, Methods and Languages

Topic Committee :

         Global chair : Paul H J Kelly (Imperial College, UK)
         Vice-chair   : Scott Baden (Univ of California, San Diego, USA)
         Vice-chair   : Vladimir Getov (Univ of Westminster, UK)
         Local chair  : Sergei Gorlatch (Univ of Passau, Germany)

Description :

This topic provides a forum for the presentation of the latest
research results and practical experience in parallel programming.
Advances in algorithmic and programming models, design methods,
languages, and interfaces are needed for construction of correct,
portable parallel software with predictable performance on different
parallel and distributed architectures.

The topic emphasises results which improve the process of
developing high-performance programs. Of particular interest are
novel techniques by which parallel software can be assembled
from reusable parallel components without compromising efficiency.
Related to this is the need for parallel software to adapt,
both to available resources and to the problem being solved.

Where appropriate, contributions should demonstrate quantitative
performance results in support of their claims, and address
applications not adequately handled by well-established approaches.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

- Languages, libraries and interfaces for different parallel
  programming models (data- and task-parallel, functional,
  object-oriented like Java, logic, component-based etc.)

- Implementation and optimisation techniques for innovative
  parallel languages and programming models (e.g. threads,
  dataflow, tiling, skeletons, declarative languages,
  and generalised data-parallel approaches, etc.)

- Performance models and their integration into the design of
  efficient parallel algorithms and programs (e.g. BSP, LogP,
  CGM, N-half and their alternatives, cost calculi and static
  performance prediction, profile-driven approaches).

- Parallel programming paradigms and tools, their comparison and
  integration (e.g. data-parallel vs task-parallel, coordination
  programming, performance analysis and debugging).

- Methodological aspects of developing, optimizing and validating
  parallel programs (formalisms, semantics, specification, design,
  transformations, verification, etc.)

- Software engineering for parallel and distributed systems
  (design patterns, portability, robustness, standardization, etc.)

- Domain-specific parallel libraries and languages
  (e.g. for simulation, irregular and unstructured meshes,
  computational geometry, etc.)

This topic emphasises the process of program development.
Related topics are #1 that emphasises tool design and implementation,
#4 that emphasises automatic parallelisation, and #6 which emphasises
computability and complexity.

Euro-Par conference series :

Euro-Par is the annual international conference on parallel computing.
It is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of all aspects
of parallel computing.

Euro-Par 2000 is  organized as a day  of tutorials, two half-day plenary
sessions, and a number of parallel sessions.

Paper submission :

Authors are requested to use the electronic form on the web site
to submit their paper to the topic they judge most appropriate.

Official  Address and Organization:

For any questions related to Euro-Par 2000 please refer to our
web site:
or e-mail to:

The key dates are:

         - January 31st 2000 : Final Date for Submissions
         - May 1st 2000      : Acceptances Notified
         - June 1st 2000     : Final Copy and Author Registration due
         - June 30th 2000    : Early Registration Deadline
         - August 1st 2000   : Late Registration Deadline