start mpi in a file

start mpi in a file

Post by Xin Ch » Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I have a question when i start a mpi process by the file.
I am using mpich.
the command is "mpirun pgname -p4pg myfile"

the format of myfile is

sun1 0 mypgm1
sun2 1 mypgm2

question: How to pass parameters to mypgm1 and mypgm2 if i
start in this way?


1. MPI-IO --- A Parallel File I/O Interface for MPI

        MPI-IO --- A Parallel File I/O Interface for MPI

                        Call for Participation

Working together, IBM Research and NASA Ames have drafted MPI-IO, a
proposal to address the portable parallel I/O problem.  In a nutshell,
this proposal is based on the idea that I/O can be modeled as message
passing: writing to a file is like sending a message, and reading from
a file is like receiving a message.  MPI-IO intends to leverage the
relatively wide acceptance of the MPI interface in order to create a
similar I/O interface.

The current proposal represents the result of extensive discussions
(and arguments), but is by no means finished.  Many changes can be
expected as additional participants join the effort to define an
interface for portable I/O.

The current proposal, presented at Supercomputing '94 in mid November,
is available on the Web at URL:

We are soliciting greater participation from the high performance
computing community, and are particularly interested in feedback on
the proposal.  Please send your feedback to:

To participate in the MPI-IO discussion, you can join the mailing list

Subject, and the single line body, "subscribe mpi-io YOUR-REAL-NAME"
Your email address will be automatically taken from the message.

Feel free to comment on the draft by sending mail to the mailing
list regardless of whether you would like to join.  If you want
to be an observer only, the mailing list will be archived at the
Web site.

Our intent is to launch and widely advertise MPI-IO, in order to let
a "standard" for concurrent/parallel I/O emerge.

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